Brand Management

Product Development


Brand Management

If you rare concerned about the visibility and standardisation of your brand in the market, or would like to create a unique

identity for your company, we can help you out with it. We provide a comprehensive package or specialised services to our

clients to suffice their need for communicating, marketing and strategy for their brands.


Brand strategy (brand audit, architecture, personality and positioning, tagline/brand ethos and portfolio optimization)

Brand identity (logo design, colour palette, materials, typography, iconography/mnemonic and imagery)

Brand manual (identity, collaterals, editorial communication standardisation)

Brand Marketing & Communication

Marketing Plan (direct, social media, digital & multilevel marketing)

Marketing communication collaterals (brochures, catalogues, presentations)

Promotional collaterals & branded merchandise (staff uniforms, calendars, greetings, diaries, gifts)

Business collaterals (business cards, letter heads, welcome kits, front and back office documentation)

Advertisement design (print, outdoor, digital, TV)

Packaging design (product packaging, software packaging)

Space design - interiors/exteriors messaging for offices/retail spaces

Sensory branding (olfactory/ambient scenting, brand music, texture)

Event branding (invitations, event space branding, communication collateral)


Product Development

Want new products developed for your company to maintain a competitive edge in the industry, but concerned about R&D budgets and market research. We can provide all necessary support in delivering a great product, at an appropriate price and even help with bulk production should the need arise to outsource for all fashion categories like apparel, accessories and gifts.

Product Trend Analysis for company’s specific product needs
Product based Target Market Segmentation
Cost Estimates & Sales Price estimations for the product
Product Design and creating design briefs
Identifying right supplier depending on time frame, price and supplier capability
Support and tackling issues throughout the process of product development



We also offer support for your bulk sourcing requirements if your time schedule doesn’t fit in with your current supplier, your current supplier is no longer suitable for the bulk production, or your production needs have changed.

Production plan to meet client’s desired delivery and mobilise all information to ensure supplier can commence production as per the production plan 

Identify correct supplier and Negotiate bulk prices
Communication with supplier/ partners to ensure smooth flow
Production updates and tackling issues through the production cycle
Ensure shipment of bulk goods are on time to meet client’s schedule

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